Super Delicious & Super Healthy

Nutritious and tasty burger alternative made with an ultra-sustainable, all-natural premium protein isolate from ocean fish. A Perfect Burger™ is good for the brain, body, and bones, retaining its nutrients and natural minerals as you grill it to perfection. 

By avoiding heavily processed ingredients, A Perfect Burger™ is healthier, more digestible, and more sustainable than other alternative meats on the market. Using a NEW ocean-based protein combined with an organic plant-based, fresh vegetable formula, APB™ is more nutritious & eco-friendly than beef, chicken, pork or shrimp— the best of both worlds!

Key Features

  • NO beef or any land-based animal meat
  • Complete natural amino acid profile
  • Natural source of mineral & calcium
  • No fertilizer or pesticides (APP® Protein) 
  • Extremely low saturated fat
  • Extremely low cholesterol
  • Extremely low sodium
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Kosher & Halal certified
  • No hormones or antibiotics 
  • No heavy metals
  • No shellfish
  • No bloating
  • No dairy
  • No soy 

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